GFs Revenge – Mouthful of ASS

RP–Youre gonna smell my ass and I wanna hear you SNIFF you fuckin got it?! — My Yoga Pants covered ass completely swallowing his face. I could feel the air rushing through the small gap between his nostrils and my butthole.. I work a long hard day, only to come home and see him asleep on the couch and the house still a mess. All day, stressing.. starving looking forward to the dinner & a movie he promised me.. I cant take it anymore. Ive been eating nothing but freezer meals and sweating my ass off at work ALL week and he completely blew off our plans and slept all day. What a lazy piece of !! Hes gonna pay for this.. especially with all the complaining hes been doing about my irritable bowel syndrome.. eating FREEZER MEALS with broccoli and cheese.. beans & rice.. containing god knows what is taking its toll & DESTROYING my stomach.. I cant even fart without having to change my panties.. and its HIS FUCKING FAULT! He stays home & has one job. To cook and clean! While I go to work and suffer.. Hes going to regret bailing on me like this!! AND get a real good smell of what hes been doing to me lately.. I bring his perverted little oral bench hes had in the basement from a past relationship to the livingroom.. he always wanted me to let him use this twisted thing but I never would.. I wake him up half asleep.. Mmm Im so horny from being at work all day, I thought Id surprise you and finally try out your little bench baby .. Like a drunken on christmas he lays down.. Wait whats with the belts? You dont really need to tie me up Amirha.. MMm.. but I dont want your little tongue getting tired on me and changing your mind, would I? You were supposed to cook dinner so Im at least getting off on your face, got it? .. he nodded.. Using multiple straps I bound his ankles to the foot support, his knees and around his body and wrists holding him to the bench as tightly as I could.. Taking FULL advantage of any other kinky restraints the bench had built into it.. turning a little crank I found the inside of the box clamping the sides of his head TIGHTLY in place. The lid closed with JUST enough room for his head to barely fit through, wedging it in place. Wow.. Hes fucked, this thing is a sadists dream.. That wasnt even all.. the foot pump inflated a little pillow under his head jamming it into the hole of the seat.. disabling ANY movement.. his face… his nose.. completely stuck in position. I think I like this thing.. Now that youre all strapped and locked in place.. since you like to relax.. and blow me off.. and feed me absolute garbage.. AND make fun of my awful gas that YOU caused RUINING all of my PANTIES!!! Youre gonna help ME relax tonight! YOU are going to suck in all these nasty disgusting FARTS Ive been having to deal with ALL WEEK because of you asshole!! And I want to hear you fucking SNIFF!! Or, remember that nut shot I gave you last week after you gave me that atomic wedgie that completely RIPPED my brand new thong?! That will be like a tickle compared to what I will do to your pathetic little balls. UNDERSTAND?! .. His face turned white with beads of sweat on his forehead.. He didnt say a word.. Good.. Grabbing his Xbox controller I lowered my sweaty ass from working all day right onto his nose and wiggled it up my crack.———————————————————-CLIP Youre gonna smell my ass and I wanna hear you SNIFF you fuckin got it?! – I could feel the air rushing through the small gap between his nostrils and my butthole.. Hes going to suffer now. And catch every nasty fart I can possibly give back to him. Leaving just enough room between my ass and his nose to breathe, every once of air he gets is coming straight out of my stinky little ass! mmmhmm… Is all I could hear of him moaning in disgust, unable to speak with his lips sealed against the damp fabric covering my pussy. The first airy fart comes with zero warning and sucks straight into his lungs.. he wiggles against his bonds.. testing them.. finding zero room for ANY escape and goes limp.. giving up all hope. mmhmmhmmm.. a defeated helpless moan vibrates out against me. Mmmm, do that again.. I push a little to hard for the next one.. a little too hard.. it was silent.. but something else came out with it.. I think I just sht my pants a little!! Haha!! Perfect now he can REALLY see.. what hes been doing to me with these burrito and bean meals.. all that nasty TV dinner broccoli.. or at least SMELL what hes been doing to me.. He starts to test his restraints again and confirms my suspicion, Im definitely sharting on his face! You like that?! Too bad, I dont either! Now you can smell them instead of me. Sound good? Oh thats right you cant speak! I set my full weight down pressing his nose ALL THE WAY up my filthy crack. Everytime I let him breathe I push out more fresh FART air for him to suck in. I could feel them getting messier and remove my yogas and panties.. Im not ruining another pair for him he can deal with it. With that little layer of protection from the wet ones now gone.. I slid his nose right back into my crack and kept on playing, ignoring his existence. Hes nothing but my little fart filtering ass chair tonight. Finally I get some relaxation and a break from all this disgusting gas, he can fucking suffer. I want this to be hell. A lesson hell never forget.. wait hes struggling again.. OH thats right youre down there! I keep forgetting to let you breathe! Filter this one for me… His nose was pressed tight against my hole and a wispy sounding fart slides straight into his nose like a perfect fart funnel. Ahh.. I sat my full weight right back on his face like an air tight seal, locking all that acidic gas deep in his lungs. Itll be completely absorbed by the time I let him breathe again, I wont smell a single thing!! I repeat that process for a little while longer.. forgetting to let him breathe and he struggles too much! Ruining my little bit of relaxation I finally get and messing up my game!! I give nothing but quick little breaths before sealing him back under.. each time hes holding it less and less.. moaning and making too much noise. Stop FUCKING WHINING!.. Sitting longer my stomach starts to grumble and Im having EXTREME cramps.. Oh my god.. I really have to.. MMMHFFMMHMM… his body starts to thrash as his body fights for any sign of air.. How about I just sht right in your mouth so you stop, stop being a little baby. .. in a state of panic he manages to get out a HMMHMM!!!! … Open your fucking mouth .. With zero hesitation and his mouth already wide gasping for air it fills in a second. Wow.. I really didnt plan on taking it this far.. Hes never even seen me on the toilet! But Im wayyyy turned on humiliating him like this.. plus he fucking deserves it! Usually hes in charge and now hes my little bitch, paying for every time hes blew me off. I run to the cabinet and grab the duct tape.. creating a wide tape gag and covering his mouth. Wrapping around his head to make sure none of that disgusting gag can come back out and get on me and sit right back on his face, a quick wiggle and his nose slid even more effortlessly up my crack than before. Just seconds with his face back up my ass and I already have another one for him.. PRRRRRRUPPP A hollow fart echoed through his nostril. HEADSHOT!! Perfect seal!! I had a little game besides the one I was already playing of seeing how perfectly I could aim them straight up his nose without letting ANY of the fart escape. The headshots kept coming, and he kept wiggling in complete disbelief, trying to yell and moan through his new gag but only giving muffled little whimpers.. he probably never imagined something like this could happen to him.. especially from his innocent hot petite little girlfriend.. Not so innocent now, how about Mistress from now on?! His new place as my little ass slave is making me hotter than ever before. Prtttttt .. A dull fart with a weird pop came out.. one I havent heard before.. but I ignored it and sent him back into the darkness of my cheeks. Struggling for breath he wiggled his face the whole half an inch that it could & I could feel something stick.. something ALOT more than a fart.. OOPS!! His poor face. Oh well. I did a quick wipe up so it didnt get all over me and stuck his nose straight back up my ass and pumped it full of the burning almost hot feeling fart I was holding in. Another perfect seal… he whimpered helplessly.. knowing there was nothing he could do but smell it.. taste it.. BREATHE it.. A lesson he will NEVER forget, never neglect your girl. Ill be taking some pictures for blackmail… Pretty faces dont mean innocence.. What a mistake allowing me to discover this thrill Ive been missing. Because thanks to these pictures, this lesson is just the beginning. – – – – Rear & Side Camera Angles. Extreme Farting&Sharting, Ass Spreading, Ass Sniffing & TOILET Humiliation. If you dont like farting & smothering WITH toilet slavery/humilation, this isnt your clip.

GFs Revenge - Mouthful of ASS

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