Today I have a newbie slave who wants scat training. Im going to make sure he understands whats required of him, he has to learn to respect me. If he performs well, I said he may have a reward. So I start his training with getting him to worship my shoes. He has to get that tongue of his going and lick the soles properly. As we continue with his training, I allow him to play with his cock. Then its time for him to swallow some of my pee. I have told him as part of his training he has to drink at least a litre. I get him on his back and tell him to open his mouth nice and wide to receive all my pee. He has also been warned not to spill any. However, he cant cope and some of runs out of his mouth and I get him to lick it off the floor. After drinking my piss, he will get ready to receive his first portion of my delicious shit. As I sit over him, I tell him he must receive my shit on his face, then he has to swallow all of it. For a newbie, my bitch seems to coping although Im not totally sure he deserves a reward. He continues licking my shoes while at the same time playing with his cock. However, I have warned him not to cum without my permission. Eventually he gets desperate, and I hold my pussy close to his face. He now has my permission to cum, and I leave him in his mess…


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