BootyFace – Ass Sniffing & Farting in 4K

Coming home super sweaty after the gym tonight wearing my new Booty Lounge spandex that fit riggghhtttt up my crack & looking for a reason to test the new 4k camera purchased with his credit card.. I felt extra cruel and I couldnt help but imagine how great my boyfriends nose would feel up inside sniffing my ass & sucking it all in. How torturous it would be after the session I just had.. SOOOOOO!! As always he does as I tell him to or Id just find someone else who will! I wrap him up from the waist and bag his head in a tight little spandex hood leaving only a hole for his little nose.. wrapping around his mouth with cling film to make sure there is no chance of any cheated breaths. There will be no fighting off this punishment.. No wriggling free while I smother the fuck out of him with my sweaty ass and ZERO air coming from ANYWHERE but his nose. Wasting no time I take my seat right on top of his face and give a little wiggle to slide his nose right up where it goes. Against my asshole. Making him panic for air.. only lifting JUST ENOUGH so he can suck as much air as possible against my asshole through my sweaty leggings. That sweat has to make it so much more difficult >:) .. But air isnt the only thing hes getting. I ALWAYS have terrible gas after the gym and with all the protein shakes… Hell be getting FARTS for air instead. Lifting up slightly while he sucks in I launch a stream right into his lungs and stuff his face back in my ass to seal the stench inside his lungs.. Hell always be my little bitch. ———————————————————————————–SHOT IN 4K, Includes Spandex Ass Sniffing & Smother. Farting. Front&Reverse Nude Facesitting & Smothering.

BootyFace - Ass Sniffing & Farting in 4K

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