Day3 – Bottom feeder

Day3 – Bottom feeder(!NB This slave eats real shit! ALL of them) I will use a human toilet slave for 12 Days! Every day he will eat my shit or he will starve until I feed him again on the next day! This is DAY 3 , The slave is waiting for me at the door and starts begging me to feed him. He is so hungry that he cant stop touching his nipples and asking me for food. This time I will put him even lower! He will see me above him in squad position, smoking and using his mouth as an ashtray and toilet. Great view that only makes him hungrier… Just before I start shit few wet farts came out from my ass. Haha he is fucking looser and he already cant wait to eat my shit. He is so pathetic just like you are now! He opens his mouth and took my shit and swallow it. I made him clean my ass with his tongue and took a piss too. Now buy my video watch it and follow the link in the video to my page. Be a good boy and I may use you very soon too. I will upload day 4 soon, be tuned.

Day3 - Bottom feeder

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