ENGLISH SPEAKINGToday I have these 2 slaves who will take care of my bodily needs; one is my old personal toilet, the other is a very recent acquisition of my harem and it is the first time that it is used as a toilet. I make a few recommendations to the newcomer, telling him that I wonÂ’t tolerate him throwing up and that if he cant swallow it, he just has to drop the shit sideways. I start by filling the old slaveÂ’ mouth and then move on to the new one, depositing in his 2 small pieces of my delicious chocolate. I order the slaves to hold the shit in their mouth and not to swallow, until I order them to. In fact, I havent finished emptying myself yet, so I go back to my old slave and, in addition to filling his mouth, I leave a nice mound of shit on his face. I order the slaves to start swallowing. After a few moments, the new slave says hes done. IÂ’m really surprised, considering it was his first time !! This slave looks very promising! The old slave has finished in the meantime, and I put in his mouth the pieces that lie on his face and he cant reach. He knows that nothing must go to waste and the all the shit must be swallowed. Its time to empty my bladder; my pee is well concentrated, of a beautiful amber color. I divide it equally between my 2 toilets, alternately filling the mouths of one and the other. The debut of the new slave went very well, I hope it will behave even better next time.You may also like this clip: MY PERSONAL TOILETYou find it here: https://www.yezzclips.com/store_view.php?id=572&item=138811


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