Time has come for this toilet to enjoy the steaming and tasty meal I have been holding for almost an hour inside my beautiful tummy …. I was out enjoying a delicious coffee with my friends when I suddenly felt an sudden urge. Obviously an elegant Mistress like me much prefers the warm mouth of a human toilet to a cold porcelain toilet and just for this reason I decided to return to Femdom Castle in Rome so that I can empty myself with the utmost tranquility. I light one of my favorite cigarettes … it become an habit now and of course I immediately call my toilet and order him to take a position that he knows very well. This time I think I have just a full belly and certainly the amount of shit that this toilet will have to eat will be really great. So I want to make sure his mouth stays wide enough and thats why I thought of using a special mouthpiece that literally clenches his jaws and widens his mouth just like the size of a classic toilet bowl …. Thats it …. Now we are … its time to unhook my hot steaming meal made just for him and of course he wont have to swallow it right away …. It would be too easy …. He has to chew very slowly and savor it and then chew and enjoy again. His tongue must feel all the flavor and only when I will be satisfied enough he will be able to swallow everything just like a human sewer …. Well, after all, he is used now to eat my shit and he is just becoming … a real sewer. Ps: I remind all my fans that in my videos I always follow the philosophy of natural scat …. I make my videos in an authentic way without using of substances to facilitate the evacuation or exaggerate the production of scat …. Im definitely against that kind of stuff. Since there is no fiction in my videos, it is not recommended for people who are too sensitive to watch !!!PS : If you want to book a video request contact me : mistressisideofficial@gmail.com


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