ENGLISH SPEAKINGCustom Request – A slave is fixed in a slave-chair with a small table in front of his face. It is his first scat experience today and in fact he really hates scat, he feels extreme disgust from shit in general. But today he will get to know your shit very strict. You start to have some dirty talk about what will come and it is visible that he is afraid and that you will have to ****** him very strict. You start to shit on the plate in front of him and immediately he turns his had away to avoid the smell and to avoid seeing your shit. That makes you very angry you start to yell at him spit him in the face slap him and grad his eggs. You want him to look at youÂ’re shitÂ… Finally you grab his head and press his face slowly but deep into your huge pile of shit! I really like to see that he has a lot of disgust and that you really have to ****** him, that you face slap him, spit in his face and finally press his fearful face into it. In the best case everything looks like a real torture with his disgust and your shit!


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