ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – This video can be as long as you like for the plot to make sense. This video involves you and a female sub. She is wearing black pantyhose and no panties and tall boots (similar to before). You are wearing whatever you like. The sub is tied to a chair in such a way that her legs are spread apart, exposing her pussy. She cannot close them.You come up to her and ask her when was the last time she was allowed to cum. She tells you it was two weeks ago, that he is desperate to cum, she is begging you to make her cum. You start teasing her nipples and explaining the rules of the game to her. You will tease her pussy with a vibrator. She must tell you when she is close to cumming. You will then ask her if she wants to cum. If she says yes (or cums without permission), she must be spoon fed a plate of poop and drink it down with pee from a bottle. You show her the plate full of poop with a spoon in it and a bottle filled with pee.Then the game begins. You tease her pussy with a vibrator. She lets you know that she is close. You ask her if she wants to cum. Scared of what will happen if she says yes, she tells you that she does not want to cum. So you pull the vibrator away and slap her pussy. You wait for the sub to recover and begin again. This goes on several times.Finally, the sub cannot take it anymore. When she is close to cumming and you ask her, she begs you to let her cum. You keep the vibrator on her pussy and allow her to cum. As the sub cums, she pees on herself through her pantyhose. But you do not remove the vibrator and you give her post orgasm torture. She screams and begs you to stop but you keep the vibrator on her pussy for some minutes. Finally you take it off and her real punishment begins.You begin feeding the poop to the sub with a spoon and making her drink the pee. She is stuggling with it and gagging. After some time she begs you to stop, she cannnot take it anymore. But you do not and continue feeding her. She finally cannot take anymore and vomits on herself. You laugh at how pathetic she is, slap her and walk away.


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