ITALIAN SPEAKING I have been working on the computer all morning and this slave I have here had done nothing but beg me to be simply my doormat for as long as I was busy working.Too bad for him that I have another slave for that job but I still found his right use: it will be my toilet, moreover because I have to leave my desk, get up and go to the bathroom when I have one within reach use?I had previously heard a certain reluctance to carry out this task but frankly, it is not that I care much because I use slaves as I like and like and according to MY needs.I crouch on his ugly face, ordering him to open his mouth well and the jerk manages to waste my precious pee, making it fall on the floor and proving to be completely inept to perform the toilet job.Maybe this should make me understand that in fact this is not his role but I decided that today he will serve me as a complete toilet, so I shit in his mouth taking care to fill that fucking hole with my precious shit.I wipe my beautiful ass and throw everything inside my toilet, as well as My piss that the jerk wasted just before.Well, if nothing else, he doesnt vomit … maybe next time Ill ****** him to eat everything, besides, my scraps are sacred gifts for my slaves.


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