Lady Scarlet – Exhaust pipe

An even more difficult test for my toilet today.A particular gag ball takes care that he keeps his mouth open and swallow everything I give him if he doesnt want to choke. And the presence of a cap that I can put on or take off as I please makes it all more constricting and exciting.I enjoy teasing him by taking off my panties and putting them on his face, ordering him to stick his tongue out as if to lick them. When with difficulty he manages to get her out, I throw them away denying him this pleasure.Then I crouch down to shit in that hole that reminds me of a drain pipe but the urge to pee is too strong. I take another funnel and do it all inside him. It is abundant and he drinks until the last drop. Now that I have emptied myself on one side, I can move on to the other. So I start to shit and the shit comes out in small doses, semi-liquid. I fill all the hole and the toilet jerks off with the shit in my mouth. I put the cap on. He starts to gag and I remove the cap I see that he has swallowed everything. As a reward I show him my ass and my dirty hole again, and he enjoys it.

Lady Scarlet - Exhaust pipe

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