GiuliaPeach 2 – Second Try: An Enormous Shit! (RARE)

|*BP Exclusive*| – As promised, enjoy the second (and last, because she stopped doing scat vids, so this and the previous one are unique gems) video of Giulia. In this clip you can see how a such tiny girl can shit a huge load of poop. She squats from the rear view, with a great view of her swollen asshole (and barefeet) and shits a long, huge soft turd on a paper towel in her bathroom. You can also hear her moaning a bit while pushing out the brown monster. The pile is massive and it has a delicious texture and color. This clip is amazing, Giulia is amazing. Must see it! [1:06 mins]

GiuliaPeach 2 - Second Try: An Enormous Shit! (RARE)

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