Shitting, Smearing, and Filthy Ass Eating! – Full

A dominatrix is successful in her hunt for a slave! She comes back to her dungeon bringing the man and proceeds to intimately kiss him on the lips! However, the simple and intimate gesture doesnÂ’t last long as she then proceeds to pee into his mouth and smother him with her pussy! She would follow it with spitting chewed food into his mouth as well as stroking his dick! Though, all of that would serve to be just the start as she later gets more aggressive and filthier! Beginning with stripping off her clothes and putting them on the guy, she then defecates on his face! When she could no longer release anymore, she sits on him, consequently smearing all her filth all over his face! She would then continue to spread her filth all over them using her hands and even her tits! By the time she is satisfied with her work, she directs her attention to his asshole which she sloppily and passionately devours! When she is done with it, she puts on a strap-on dildo and serves it into the manÂ’s mouth! Though, it doesnÂ’t take long before she has him cum piss into her mouth and gulp everything down! When that isnÂ’t enough, she performs a blowjob which later gets followed with having her asshole fingered until orgasm!

Shitting, Smearing, and Filthy Ass Eating! - Full

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