Samariel Anelly Margo pantyhose fetish and kaviar

Finally the long-awaited collaboration with 2 gorgeous Romanian Goddesses has ended. In the next 7 episodes you will be able to see how harsh and perverse these 2 mistresses are, Mistress Samariel and Mistress Anelly Roman. In the third clip, they wanted to visit the location and feel good. In fact, he also prepared a jacuzzi for them, but the ladies wanted to get aroused first. Thats why they called Faith to keep them company, seeing that he was already submissive and addicted by them. They did a foot worship session in their pantyhose as he will remember it for the rest of his pathetic life. They used him again to worship their feet in leather boots, socks and especially to suck their toes well through the shiny black pantyhose! Once again, Faith understood the message of his Mistresses and will serve them for life. In the last part, Mistress Margo played with Faith for a while and then put him in the bathtub and shit straight into his open wide mouth. Then she put her foot in her delicious shit and started feeding him directly with her foot into his throat. part 3

Samariel Anelly  Margo pantyhose fetish and kaviar

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