College School Toilet Peep-Show! – Full Movie

When these ladies couldnÂ’t resist the urge to pee and defecate, they make use of the school toilet! To make things better, there are three of them! Beginning with a lady who is wearing a skirt, she lifts it up to her waist, pulls down her panties, and then begins slowly pushing out a long stream of feces from her asshole! She takes her time doing so to a point that she is able to release a generous amount of poop! By the time she could no longer release any more, she follows it with peeing before flushing everything down! The second in line is a schoolgirl and without further ado, she pulls down her panties and lifts up her skirt before squatting on top of the toilet and defecating! This time, she has a more explosive pooping session, releasing a lot of feces in the process! By the time she is finished, she ends it all with urinating! For the third woman, she lifts up her skirt and takes off her panties before pooping! She doesnÂ’t have much to defecate, releasing one small poop after the other! Before long, she is finished and ends everything off with relieving herself one last time by peeing!

College School Toilet Peep-Show! - Full Movie

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