Swallowing huge turds – side angle mobile recorded

Romanian Goddess Margo is back again, more kinky, to play with her slave. She accept to make more movies with us and she will become more kinky, more perverse and more bizarre further. Today she call her toilet slaves and dress him in a huge hosiery pink cocoon. She use him and abuse him, facesitting him and beating him as she wish, all until she feel that her shit was ready to be delivered into a hungry mouth. She also eat a banana whle she standing on his mouth, asphixiated him with her ass on mouth, and she beat him with banana after she eat the banana. After humiliating him with beating and suffocation, she was ready for the main part : huge meal with chewing and swallowing, all at Goddess request. When she saw that useless toilet slave cannot ingest easy her royal meal, she apply a little pressure with her hand in glove, deepthroating his mouth until all gone into stomach. Hope you love the perversity of Goddes Margo and depravity of her Toilet slave, who really adore to eat her shit for real !!! She put also some milk into his mouth to help him to digest easier his new meal in this morning. This movie was recorded with Huawei lite p9 from the side angle, for who want to see the action from this part.

Swallowing huge turds - side angle mobile recorded

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