Toilet pooping – Topless & Jeans Brown pop corn

Time to empty my bowels… I am topless and wearing jeans. I usually eat a zero carb diet (meat and fat only) but when this clip was shot I ate some vegetables because I wanted to make a farting clip. My gut flora is not used to digest vegetables anymore so I really feel like crap. You can hear a few plops and I also pee. Then I push because I feel there is more shit inside but it doesnt want to get out. I stand up and show you the inside of the toilet bowl with some close-ups. I dont remember seeing something like this before. Its full of small pieces of different size and shapes. I wipe my ass in front of you. I put my jeans back on. I flush the toilet, wash my hands and stretch before to go out of the room.* Find more scat videos on *

Toilet pooping - Topless & Jeans Brown pop corn

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