ENGLISH SPEAKINGToday I have one of my slaves that wants to be in contention to be my personal slave, and hes very keen to please me. So I have him on his knees and he must do everything I tell him. Im going to give myself a light manucure. I start with him having to wash my dirty feet and make sure they are perfectly clean. Then I gently cleaning my ears with cotton tips. When Im finished I get my slave to lick the ends of the cotton tips. Im sure hell enjoy the tase of the wax from my ears. I also decide to clip my nails and keep the clippings for later. I still have the bowl to hand with my dirty foot water. Im going to fill it with everything from my manicure. I inform my slave hes now going to be put to the test. I get the bowl and drop my nail clippings into it, also some hair from my hairbrush. Then its time for a pee as I place it on the floor, and fill it with my amber nectar. I tell my slave that to be considered for the position of becoming my personal slave he must drink everything thats in the bowl. As he begins to drink my pee, he balks and tries to refuse. I warn him that hed better not waste my time or Ill punish him severely. To make his meal more appetising, I take the bowl and add some of my shit. Then tell him he must drink every last drop of the delicious cocktail I have made for him. As he struggles with the bowl at his mouth, I order him to drink. He will finish every last drop, as he fully understands the consequences of disobedience…


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