ITALIAN SPEAKINGMy slave has been in the cage all day, hes getting a little desperate. I know of many ways to make him suffer for me. However, Im in a good mood and have decide to allow him something to eat. Firstly my bitch has to show me the he appreciates my favor toward him. I tell him he will be rewarded if he is obedient and does what I tell him. I begin by getting him to lick my boots. I need him to make sure he really gets his tongue going. After a while of teasing him, I decide its time for his meal. I have a plate and spoon, and a large plastic jug to hand. He knows what his meal will consist of, and I waste no time on preparation. I sit over the plate and relieve myself of my delicious shit. I look into the cage and see my bitch watering at the mouth, the thought of such a treat really gets his taste buds going. I tell him I dont want him to rush his delight, so I decide to spoon feed him through the cage. After eating some of my shit, I tell him he is going to have something to wash it down. I get the empty jug and fill it with my delicious amber nectar. Its nice and warm, as I hand it to my slut and tell him to wash down my delicious shit. He drinks half the jug of pee, and I spoon feed him the rest of his meal. With the plate empty, he licks his lips in delight. I hand him the jug and tell him to finish all of it. Before leaving, I throw him my soiled panties as a souvenir of his meal that was so freshly made…


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