I enter the room. The slave hung like a pig for slaughter. The beast is hungry, and he is in pain. I have been holding him up off the ground for a long time, and now it is time for his meal. I bring him down, spit in his mouth, and tell him that now I want to feed him with my shit. I lift my skirt and show him my ass wrapped in pantyhose. I slip them off, and squat over him. This pig has the privilege of close contact with my asshole, but he doesnt even have time to admire it that I immediately shit. Out comes a nice, long, somewhat soft-textured turd. Now he has to taste it all and eat. And should he have difficulty, I will use my piss to send it down to him. I fill a glass with hot, yellow urine. The color indicates an intense flavor. I return from the toilet and see that some shit has fallen on the floor. I scold him that he cant throw up my shit! Now Ill feed him and make him eat it! I I ******fully fill his mouth, plug his mouth full of shit so that he swallows it, make him suck the turds and my dirty fingers. The shit is a lot. I pour the glass into his mouth and onto his face. I feel like smothering this asshole. The only thing I appreciate about him is his excitement. I free his hands and tell him that I will allow him to masturbate, but in a very humiliating way. I take some shit and rub it on his cock. Now he can jerk off. While he jerks off, I continue to make him eat my shit and swallow my piss. The pig cums. I pick up the remote control of the winch and lift his legs. He will have to do this until I return.


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