ITALIAN LANGUAGEMy slave is a little reluctant to act as a toilet for me, but I dont accept his refusal and I want to get him used to serving me in this way too. I have devised a magic potion that will brainwash him and make him subservient to my shit and my piss. The hot liquid flows from my source and fills the bottle. The magic potion is ready, and I smile pleased at what will soon happen. I call him, and tell him I have to shit and that I want to use him. He doesnt want to, he starts to back away, but hidden from his view I have the bottle in my hand and I immediately spray the magic potion in his face. Its a bit strange, its having an effect. I clean his eyes, order him to look at me and ask him “Do you want to be my toilet?”. Now he agrees, submissive. I order him to lie down with his mouth at my asshole while I am sitting on the toilet chair and I start shitting. Theres a lot of shit, there are two big assholes. One goes directly into him, I take the other and stick it all in his mouth. I also give him some pee and some more little shit. Chew and swallow everything with gusto. From now on he will feed on my excrement and will be very happy to do so. The potion has given its effects, but its not just for him, its for you too….


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