ENGLISH SPEAKINGHello beautiful Mistress Gaia! I would like to order a custom video from you.- length around 15min- without a slave or another participant- not only for me and no name callingOutfit:- leggings (like in your clip GATE CRASHERS)- barefeet in Platform Mules (like in your clip UNDER THE STAIRS)Here is my idea: A pov high heels and scat domination video with many close ups.Part 1: You are sitting on a chair at a desk and doing some business stuff with your PC. Me is in front of the desk and staring at your beautiful feet in your heels. I come closer and closer beneath the desk to your heels (closeups please) and start to watch all parts of them (the sole, the heels, your toes, your heel). Suddenly Im too close and you are taking notice of me. You dont like this, but because your shoes needs to be cleaned anyways, you decide, that I have to lick them clean. So you show me your soles and heels and commands me. Please again many closeup of all parts of your shoes and feet in your shoes.Part 2: You recognize that this is no punishment for me because I obviously enjoy this, so you decide to give me a very special task. So you lower your pants, crouch down and starts to shit on a plate. After some closeups of your shit and your shoes nearby, you step carefully into your shit (only the sole and heel) and asks me, if I would still like to clean your shoes and shows me your sole and heel (closeups please). You repeat this as long as you want and finally commands me to lay on the ground a look to the ceiling. Than you are standing above me and ****** me again to clean the soles and the heels (that would be fantastic, if you could do this).TAKE A LOOK TO MY FEMDOM CLIPS TOO. You find them here: https://www.yezzclips.com/store_view.php?id=1726FOR COMMENT, SUGGESTIONS, CUSTOM REQUESTS, write me at mistressgaia@live.it


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