VIDEO REQUESTIm back, a moment I clean my boots on the doormat and Im right with you for a very specific reason I need you. I used you as a doormat because I want you in great shape I have to make you your super nutritious breakfast. From me the only thing you can have is my shit, you wont eat anything else only large quantities of shit. Dont make that face you dont pity me at all for me you are a shit and so you must be filled. Time to poop, I feel the urge I am so full. Now I relax and empty myself completely. After pooping you say: fuck but thats so much I didnt think Id do so much youre super lucky, Im going to feed you real good, other than breakfast theres also lunch and dinner. Im really satisfied I take some pictures, shit more soles of my boots, its heaven for you. Now I feel good, Ive really emptied myself out good. Shitter now you have to eat it all. Each his task I to produce large quantities of shit and you to finish it all. Are you able to understand yesterdays menu? I want you to get used to eating my poop so you can understand what I eat the day before.


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