Pica Fetish Xclusive – Eating & Shitting Pretty Glass Marbles

A dear fan asked me for a custom in which I eat and shit out a bunch of pretty coloured glass marbles. Im always up for trying new things so when I found out it was harmless I happily said yes! The first part of the video erotically zooms in extremely close to my beautiful mouth. You see my mouth seductively move as I talk to you. I move around the marbles in my hands, producing a very pleasant clicking ASMR sound. Then I eat my first beautiful coloured marble. Yummm I want to taste all the colours! I move the pretty glass gem around in my mouth, drenching it with saliva and I swallow to let it drop in my stomach. I immediately go for my next one, and my next. Then I have two at once. Finally three at once. Oh what a good girl I am for being able to swallow so much! Are you excited about how all these beauties come out? I know I am!Cut to the next morning, my dinner of indonesian food and desert of a bunch of pretty marbles has left my tummy rumbling. I need to shit real bad! I seductively position myself on the table for you. I already had an accident right before, you see my butthole and asscrack caked with shit. Boy that poo really wants to come out. I lift my ass to give you a full view of the action. Then an enormous pile of delicious semi soft shit blasts out. Ohh I can already see the pretty marbles! We zoom in to inspect it together. I comment on the terrible smell and am too repulsed to touch it with my bare hands, so I use a plastic baggy (producing yummy ASMR sounds again) to dig through my dump. I uncover all these beautiful gems, its like a treasure hunt! Wowww this is the most fabulous shit ever! I am super excited and wowed of how amazing it is that this came out of my sexy butt. I treat you to views of the glamorous pile from multiple angles. Before I say goodbye. No request can be too weird for me!

Pica Fetish Xclusive - Eating & Shitting Pretty Glass Marbles

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