Vomitorium – ArtOfScat

Jessica sits on a funnel-shaped armchair made of black plastic cables with a hole at the bottom – which begs the question – was this chair created specifically for scat scenes? QueenSnake lies below the hole, lips open wide in anticipation. However, as luck would have it, Jessica ate smoked bacon-wrapped chicken breasts two days back, so when she starts pooping into QueenSnakes mouth, QueenSnake nearly vomits due to the terrible smoky taste. Jessica proceeds to administer an enema, resulting in a diarrhea that makes its way into QueenSnakes mouth as well. Finally, Jessica pukes all her stomach contents directly into QueenSnakes open mouth – a blessing, considering Jessica ate a full box of chocolate ice cream beforehand, which arguably tastes better than the bacon-chicken shit mix.

Vomitorium - ArtOfScat

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