ENGLISH AND GERMAN LANGUAGE.N.B. Clip with 3 camera angles, to fully enjoy the scene.Second day with the German toilet.Im wearing blue and black latex, and very high heels. My curves are clearly highlighted, and the slave is very excited. I have kept him in chastity since the morning of the day before, since I used him as a human toilet. I hope that in addition to full balls he is also very hungry, because I feel like I have to make a lot of that. I masturbate him a little, and order him to kiss my buttocks as a sign of devotion. I sit on the toilet chair and let him smell my ass. My panties are already a little shifted, is it a coincidence or is it intentional? I let out a little fart. I unzip my panties and let him smell my intimacy. The scent is intense, I havent had a bidet since yesterday. I order him to suck my fingers imagining they are my turds, and I tell him to be ready. I get one last stimulation from his dogs tongue, after which, squatting on him with the aid of the chair, I shit. A good long turd comes out and makes a mound in his mouth. And then some other little turds. I order him to eat. He tries, chews it, swallows something, but his mouth is still full. Lets see if he can do it with some piss… I try to control the flow so that it reaches his mouth, but while Im pissing, a little bit of shit still comes out. Piss and shit together! Today my emptying has no end… I masturbate him, I want the control of his orgasm and allow him to return to Germany with empty balls. But since he hasnt eaten, hell have to keep all my shit in his mouth and indeed Ill still give him a little shit. Now he is full of cum and shit.


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