Hard Shit Served

Wow my poop is SUPER big and hard….my asshole strained pretty good getting it out for you. I had to push so hard to get it out, I must have been constipated for 3 days. My crap is really big and hard…it actually hurt a little trying to push but it was worth it to watch you jerk off to my poo and beg to eat it. I know you want my shit so bad….

Goddess Amirha’s hottest scat videos

The SHITTIEST moments from 13 of my HOTTEST clips, including 3 never before seen SOLO SCAT clips thrown into one. Mouth fulls, nose fulls. Every complete load I’ve caught on camera can be found in this clip making this my HOTTEST scat clip available to assist with an upcoming move. This clip will be removed January 1st. Limited time offer.

Intense Toilet Domination

Intense Toilet Domination
You are a random guy I picked up at a bar the night before. I brought you back to my place for the night. I thought would end in me getting off. However, when we go back to my place I wanted you to go down on me. You politely tell me that you don’t go down on women you had just met. This really disappointed me causing my domineering side really kicked in. I drugged you and decided to teach you a lesson. You awake the next morning, tied up on the floor in my bathroom, with a strange chair above your face. I am standing over you drinking a cup of coffee. I greet you and tell you what I’ve done to you. I tell you how disappointed I am that you wouldn’t eat my pussy the night before and how horny I still am. I tell you that I would’ve rocked your world but now I am just going to punish you. I explain how it really gets me off to dominate men. I tell you that you are my slave. I have to use the bathroom”, then I turn away from you and pull down my pants .I look back at you and tell you to open up and get ready to drink my piss. You resist and complain but I threaten you. You finally comply. I sit down on the chair over your mouth and piss. I return about an hour later. I tell you that I have a huge surprise for you I “have to take a huge dump”. I demand that you open. You refuse. I threaten to suffocate you if you don’t. You finally open a little bit. I turn to look down at you and yell “wider”. I tell you I’m not kidding about how big this dump is going to be. You open wider and I then proceed to unload a huge load into your mouth and face. I start to laugh at how big my pile is and how your mouth and face are covered by it. I then demand you start to chew and eat it. You try to comply but start to gag. This pisses me off. I remove the chair from over you. I sit right on my pile, squishing it between my ass and your face. I scream at you to swallow or else I’m not getting up. I grind on it until you finally swallow. I turn to look at you and laugh at the bigger mess I’ve made of you. I am really turned on by how much I’ve dominated you. I start to finger myself. Telling you to start jerking yourself off.

Shitting on his face!

Everything you’ve always wanted to see in a SCAT video, now you could see! The slave’s perspective, who sees the Mistress’ asshole widen, while the hot shit is getting out. The Mistress’ prospective, while She’s admiring her slave with his mouth full of shit! Not to be missed.To succeed in seeing the clips, I suggest you to get hold of VLC media player. Also visit my website Mistress Gaia..

Human toilet pov

Here is the right perspective, the point of view best suited to you and your stupid and meaningless life. Look at my ass while I shit in your face! Look at it from the position best suited to your nature of a toilet slave, shitty human latrine To succeed in seeing the clips, I suggest you to get hold of VLC media player. Also visit my website Mistress Gaia..

Scat Mistress first timer. Human Toilet

Princess Nikki first time shit on slave
This was the first shitting clip of Princess Nikki ever. It happans 2010 in Berlin. Three of her slaves was laying down and Princess Nikki just shits in the pathetic mouths. She did it like a profi, a pice for everyone! She really enjoyed what she did!

First time using a human toilet

We rent again a cottage for 4 days. The girls are happy to be there and of course the slave will be the full toilet during that time. The first night we made a party in the living and the girls were drinking and laughing. At midnight one of the girls needs to take a shit and goes to visit the human toilet for the first time.

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dumping in his mouth

Three young and beautiful asian girls humiliate theire male slave, by shitting, pissing, spitting and vomitting in his mouth. In the first part one girl takes a shit in the slaves mouth (with pov) and then feeds him with a ladle, while the other girls laughing at him. Second part is some vomitting and one chick shits on a plate and the others pissing on it, at the end the girls let him eat all of it. (Very Humiliating)